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Start: Attach the Clean Zone™ sanitizing machine to the CPAP hose and attached mask. Place all three in the sanitizing zip bag. Seal the cleaning zip bag. Press power button, the machine sounds and the light turns on, then the machine starts the cleaning process.

Most CPAP machines have removable water reservoirs, do not attach to your CPAP cleaning machine.

Stop: If the machine needs to be turned off, the power button can be pressed to stop the cleaning process. The machine will sound once before stopping, and the light will turn off.

End: When the cleaning is done in 30 minutes, the machine will sound 3 times, the machine automatically turns off and the light turns off.

In addition, follow the manufacturer's cleaning and other instructions for maintaining your CPAP equipment.

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Deluxe Clean Zone™

Includes: 2 Clean Zone™, 2 Sanitizing Bag Sets and 2 Tube Adapter Sets

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Clean Zone™

Includes: 1 Clean Zone™, 1 Sanitizing Bag Set and 1 Tube Adapter Set

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When ordering today, you will receive a Clean Zone™ CPAP cleaning machine, CPAP mask sanitizing bag set, 2 CPAP tube adapters for only $99.99 plus $8.95 P&H! That's a total of $108.94. Or you can DOUBLE your offer and we'll send you a 2nd Clean Zone™ just pay a separate $49.99 fee!

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